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Terraced Family Garden

  • 25 October, 2016

A family terraced garden of two parts in Bath, with lush planting.

This Family garden in Bath is at the front of the house but actually serves more as a back garden.

The garden was divided into two by a wall across the width of the garden and had a path running up the left hand side. The brief was to consolidate the two parts of the garden into more of a whole and make the path more flowing.

The house is Georgian but has modern decor inside and a new modern oak and glass extension at the back, so the garden was to be brought more into keeping with the style in the house. It also had to be safe and fun for the client’s young family so the brief included features such as a hidden sandpit built into the timber stepped stages.

We built a curved reclaimed Bath stone wall to retain the upper lawn and created a natural pathway to the front door of the house at the top of the garden from the entrance gate midway up the space. On top of this, we created a natural barrier for safety using a Beech hedge and copied this below to the other side of the path for the same reason – and to also add some uniformity. We created rustic steps by the front door and relaid the top terrace with existing pennant stone.

The lower part of the garden is made more accessible by rustic sleeper steps and stepped timber platforms. It has a lush, full planting scheme with the addition of fruit trees. The clients have since added a childrens play ship to the lower stepped terrace, which looks great. We also constructed a modern bespoke fence from planed timber that we have tanalised for durability to make safe the boundary and tie-in with the house styling and new extension.