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Terraced Family Garden in Bath

  • 25 October, 2016

A traditional garden in Bath with a dedicated area for the children to play.

On a sloping site in the centre of Bath, this garden was created for a couple with young children. The garden sits at the front of the house and is separated by a quiet road, necessitating the need for it to be safe and secure for the kids. The garden, in its function, acts as a traditional back garden and would be used as a place for the kids to play and somewhere to entertain and to relax.

A series of levels were created with the use of rustic curved stone walls. The levels allow the various platforms to have different uses.

The planting throughout the garden is loose and colourful with the use of whites, blues, pinks and purples and to the right of the garden it slopes adding a dynamic that supports each level area in structure whilst connecting them together.

Entering into the garden, the section nearest to the house has been made into a topiary hedged herb garden leading down stone steps to the dining and entertaining area. In the middle of the garden is a circular lawn surrounded by loose planting and trees and acts as a place for reading and relaxing. From here down to the bottom of the garden it becomes a little wilder, with a small undulating mowed meadow, fruit trees, play house and swing for the kids to have a place to have unaided play and to make their own.