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Stylish modern house garden

  • 24 June, 2016

Defined planting, low maintenance with paths leading to the river in this garden in Bath.

We were commissioned to design and build the gardens for what had been a show house of a new upscale housing development. The gardens were very plain with a front and back lawn, and a terrace at the back of the house.

The front garden is very sunny and viewed by the kitchen, which is where most time would be spent by the client. As we also wanted to add some water as a focal point, this was the perfect place to install a water sculpture by Allison Armour.

The house has a unique styling and incorporates natural stone and wood in its architecture so we enhanced these materials in the garden with the use of Iroko screens to separate the front door and private garden space, as well as in the back garden to delineate the terrace and garden space. We also used a light sandstone paving to complement the stone of the house.

We introduced the use of planters to soften and brighten the driveway entrance to the house, painted a lavender colour which works well both with the light of summer sun and also in the depths of winter. The use of planters was carried through into the back garden where the walls and fencing are high and needed softening, and a pleached hornbeam hedge was planted.

In the front garden, the planting is of a cool palette of blues rising to brighter reds and oranges in the back garden. Structural evergreens have also been used throughout to hold the scheme and give all year round interest.