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Rooftop garden and terrace

  • 20 October, 2016

Contemporary living above the rooftops with this garden in Bath.

A roof terrace topping a two story apartment in The Circus, Bath. This garden was a collaboration between Simon Morray-Jones Architects, Clair Strong Interior Design and ourselves.

With the owner being away for long periods of time, this garden had to be able to support itself to a large degree. It has a contemporary style that is continued throughout the rest of the apartment. The roof is to be used for entertaining and relaxing.

With all the facilities for cooking and entertaining available on the rooftop, an area for dining was created with bespoke furniture and planters. The planting of a low box hedge atop the wall allows comfortable, sheltered dining.

The planters used in the rest of the garden were individually sourced from product designers to fit in with the simple contemporary style and had to be lightweight to adhere to weight regulations upon the roof. The planting too has been kept simple with the use of only green and white and has been used to punctuate areas and add movement, height and texture.