Contemporary Gardens, Planting

Carved Grass Garden

  • 25 October, 2016

Family garden in Bath, making the most of the stunning view and even has its very own 'tor'.

This garden started out as a sloping lawn followed by an even steeper sloping wilder semi-orchard area.

The brief was that the house had been bought for the garden and in this there needed to be a usable lawn and plenty of interesting features for the kids. There needed to be a places to grow vegetables and flowers, and all grass areas needed to be accessible by tractor mower.

We decided to carve out a bowl in the top part of the garden to create a flat lawn and layer down from there with three circular descending vegetable patches. A ‘tor’ was created for the kids (out of the spoil, this will have a fort on it in due course) at the bottom in amongst a meadow. A sweeping grass path connects it all together.