Planting, Traditional Gardens

Country Estate

  • 25 October, 2016

Garden maintenance for a beautiful country estate in Somerset near Bath.

Set in the countryside near Bath and Frome, Somerset, this 12 acre estate was once a working dairy farm and is now both a home and office to the owners, as well as a luxury holiday let.

The estate consists of an upper and lower field on which the owners keep a small holding and practice charcuterie, which also supplies their restaurants (if you’re ever in Bath, I do recommend Sam’s Kitchen Deli). Situated between these fields lays the house and grounds which occupy approximately 3 acres.

My first commission at the farm was to create a planting scheme and then plant the grounds to be in full bloom for their daughter’s wedding in the summer. (No pressure! I’ll never forget the date, the 2nd of July.) The 17th century house was still being renovated as was the large walled vegetable garden. With existing features such as the vines and roses around the house, a small and formally planted copse, a large man-made pond for the ducks and geese and mowed grass mound (made from the pond), it was a site with great potential.

The planting around the house was embellished and expanded, vegetables were grown, herb courtyards made, pots, arches and curiosities sourced and features installed for interest.

I’m pleased to say all went well with the wedding and on-going planting for structure throughout the year, helping to develop ideas for the rest of the garden as it evolves. Some photos also feature Alfie, the dog, my favourite garden companion.