Nice weather for ducks!

  • 1 September, 2008

This really is crazy weather and after the governments advice to gardeners two years ago to start planting for drought conditions I recall the saying that ‘In Britain we don’t have a climate, we just have weather !’ So I’d be inclined not to pay too much heed to predictions about the future and do what people working with nature have always done and adapt to whatever is thrown at them.

After all, people all around the world find pleasure from the planted environment whether that be through a rugged interaction with the wild or through highly manipulated and stylised gardening.
I thought I’d like to put up some of my influences on the blog hoping that they are of interest and relevance. I read an article earlier in the year in the American Society of Landscape Architects Magazine about a man called Jonathan Piasecki, who is based in Massachusetts. The way he works and interacts with the landscape really appeals to me, here is a copy of that article http://www.goldenbough.net/la.html which you will find as a tag.

Another man who came to my attention this year that has an inspiring relationship with nature is Fergus Drennan or Fergus the forager as he prefers to be called. Fergus tried this year to complete a full year of only eating by foraging, unfortunately due to a back problem Fergus had to abort but hopes to resume the full time foraging soon. Never the less he is a great inspiation and runs foraging courses in Kent. http://www.wildmanwildfood.com

When I became interested in gardening I was living on a boat in London, I had a lush garden on the boat and gained enormous pleasure from tending it, if sometimes, for only for a few minutes a day. I had been teaching some stress management techniques in a company that I was working for and it occured to me that if only everyone could find that bit of the peace and wellbeing that I found each day how much less stress there may be. I figured that if you can’t bring Mohamed to the mountain, bring the mountain to Mohamed. In knowing how hard it can be to get out into the country and with time being such a valuable commodity I wanted to bring nature to the people. This has never left me and one of my major interests is working with native plants to act as a kind of interface between us civilized folk and the wild. I am very lucky and now live in the Bath area surrounded by nature which is a constant inspiration to me.