Eco-geek is here…

  • 9 January, 2013

Ah man,

what was once the domain of the gentle folk to potter and ponder is now in danger of attracting itself to that sector of society with a fixed wheel racing bike, a digital device by the windowsill that tells them what the weather is like outside and a t.v that covers one wall.

We have to whisper really quietly now because what I have just discovered must not get into the hands of the wrong people…


This is the Parrot ‘flower power’. This little techie gem when placed next to your plant/s will report back to your smart phone on the sunlight, soil moisture, temperature and fertilizer surrounding that plant.

Used indoors or outdoors the ‘flower power’ talks to your phone via bluetooth and sends push notifications (if you turn them on) to you via a dedicated app containing a plant library of over 6000 plants to inform users of the health of their plant/s.


The device comes in two colours (emerald and wood) and is said to have a 6 month battery life.


As yet there is no release date or price but I for one have signed up for one!

The developers have said they will be exploring ‘eco geek’ products in 2013 marking a ‘new field of discovery’ for the company.

Check out the demo (turn the volume down, you’ll see what I mean!) on you tube to see for yourself.

Am I TOO excited about this?


Info also obtained from http://www.t3.com/news/parrot-flower-power-monitor