Eco-geek is here…

  • 9 January, 2013

Ah man, what was once the domain of the gentle folk to potter and ponder is now in danger of attracting itself to that sector of society with a fixed wheel racing bike, a digital device by the windowsill that tells them what the weather is like outside and a t.v that covers one wall. We have to whisper really quietly now because what I have just discovered must not get into the hands of the wrong people... This is the Parrot 'flower power'. This little techie gem when placed next to your plant/s will report back to your smart phone on the sunlight, soil moisture, temperature and fertilizer...

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Taste Place: January

  • 5 January, 2012

For my first post of 2012 I'd like to share an art installation by London based Israeli artist Zadok Ben David. In his work 'Blackfield' he has taken plant illustrations from Victorian botanical drawings and replicated them in steel. With exacting detail 12,000 miniatures bedded in sand make up one immense sculpture that as the title would suggest appears all black, but as one views the sculpture from another angle it reveals another exquisitely colourful side. You may also like from the same artist 'Leftovers' and 'Sunny Moon' Enjoy, A. Images sourced from Colossal

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Taste Place: November

  • 16 November, 2011

I'm not sure how comfortable this 'Membrane' chaise Longue by Korban/Flaubert would be but I think it's stunning to look at.   Korban/Flaubert is a Sydney based studio & workshop founded in 1993 by metal specialist Janos Korban and architect Stefanie Flaubert. K/B develop innovative forms by approaching their work as a process of discovery. They use the 'interconnectedness of systems and patterns' as a source of fascination and find this in mathematics, geometry and the natural world. Their work displays the 'tension between instability and equilibrium' revealing itself...

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Taste Place – October

  • 21 October, 2011

I'm not sure that I can introduce this stunning sculpture as a garden bench. Peter Donders made 'bench' from a string of carbon fiber wrapped around a form later removed. It is has the ability in appearance to defy it's own strength and has the fluidity of design found pieces with no or apparently no fixings. www.outdoorgallery.com    

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Taste Place: May

  • 10 May, 2011

This month I'd like to introduce you to the designers and producers of objects with a contemporary but very natural theme¬† - Blue Nature www.bluenature.com You may have seen this table in a design magazine as it won the European Consumers Choice award for design, practical use and innovation. It is in the Natsiq collection. I have to say I think it is wall deserved. As with most of the best design or invention its very simple and has no more than is needed to carry out it's function, but is done in such a way that it uses very sympathetic and and tasteful shapes.   Or for something...

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Taste place: January

  • 5 January, 2011

Another feature I'd like to introduce this year is the 'Taste Place' section of the blog. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled and posting up anything that I think is original, cool, interesting, useful or just that I like !! Please contact me through the site if you require me to source and supply any of the products. I'm going to start by showing some tiles for indoor or outdoor use that I saw at the 100% design show at Earls Court last year. They are by Ivanka:

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