Think Outside of the Tree !!

  • 5 December, 2011

If you didn't already go out this weekend and buy your Christmas tree and are excited to kick off the Christmas celebrations, then I'm going to refer you back to my blog post - To Tree or Not To Tree...? Here I give a little history of the Christmas tree and look at a couple of alternatives to the cut tree such as buying a tree in a pot that can be used year after year and collecting holly and ivy for the home. Here are some fun alternatives: Images courtesy of: Christmas comeback kid, Urban Gardens, Boing Boing, Pop Gadget, Cool Hunting and Design Taxi    

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A Way of Looking at What We Do…

  • 30 November, 2011

This blog moves a little away from the garden/nature theme to share a piece of work written while I was working in the hospitality industry. It deals with the principals involved in a transaction and I'm posting it because I feel that it has uses in pretty much any industry or circumstance where an exchange is made. The study came about when I was in a previous incarnation as a bar manager in London for 'All Bar One'. I was possibly the least formally educated of my team that was made up of full and part-time workers a lot of which were students. I had working with me people studying PhD's...

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Taste Place: November

  • 16 November, 2011

I'm not sure how comfortable this 'Membrane' chaise Longue by Korban/Flaubert would be but I think it's stunning to look at.   Korban/Flaubert is a Sydney based studio & workshop founded in 1993 by metal specialist Janos Korban and architect Stefanie Flaubert. K/B develop innovative forms by approaching their work as a process of discovery. They use the 'interconnectedness of systems and patterns' as a source of fascination and find this in mathematics, geometry and the natural world. Their work displays the 'tension between instability and equilibrium' revealing itself...

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National ‘Cook From The Cupboards’ Week!

  • 8 November, 2011

Ok, at the risk of painting myself in an inappropriate light for someone pushing their business into stratospheric proportions, suffice it to say that although I have exciting projects gestating they are not yet fledged and I have found myself ‘resting’ for a period – of course I’m not resting, I’m doing the things in the office that I am usually too busy to do, such as promote the business and write blogs. I do not intend for this period to be sustained but I have to say it is interesting. I’ve gone from cautious anticipation thru mild panic and now calm optimism. (I’ll let you know...

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To you who shot the stag…

  • 30 October, 2011

You have probably seen or heard in the news last week that a 250lb, 19 point-antler stag was shot dead by a poacher or trophy hunter on Exmoor. The Red Deer (Cervus elaphus,) nicknamed the Goodleigh Giant, stood nearly 9ft tall and was thought to be destined to grow into one of the largest wild animals in Britain. It took 3 bullets to the back and belly, almost certainly dying slowly and in pain. What is it that blinds some people to the natural power, beauty and wonder of such a beast? Or rather, what is it that must be possessed of that power by Killing? It cannot be doubted that the magnificence...

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Taste Place – October

  • 21 October, 2011

I'm not sure that I can introduce this stunning sculpture as a garden bench. Peter Donders made 'bench' from a string of carbon fiber wrapped around a form later removed. It is has the ability in appearance to defy it's own strength and has the fluidity of design found pieces with no or apparently no fixings.    

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Taste Place: May

  • 10 May, 2011

This month I'd like to introduce you to the designers and producers of objects with a contemporary but very natural theme  - Blue Nature You may have seen this table in a design magazine as it won the European Consumers Choice award for design, practical use and innovation. It is in the Natsiq collection. I have to say I think it is wall deserved. As with most of the best design or invention its very simple and has no more than is needed to carry out it's function, but is done in such a way that it uses very sympathetic and and tasteful shapes.   Or for something...

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The earth and the heavens…

  • 17 March, 2011

I came across this paragraph in Les Miserables. It is writing about the Bishop of  D -- in his garden.  

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What’s new in green garages ?

  • 16 February, 2011

IS this going to catch on?

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When you force things they tend to break !

  • 10 February, 2011

I said in the January Naturescaping blog that I would like to look at some of the guidelines that I try to work with when working on the land. Last time I spoke of ‘effort’. This time I would like to start with ‘force’. I believe that it is Newton’s third law of motion that gives us the well known premise that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I have this theory tucked away somewhere in my mind when I enter a garden. In fact I carry this around with me a lot, for although I cannot really purport to understand the physical law, I do feel that with most things,...

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