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To you who shot the stag…

  • 30 October, 2011

You have probably seen or heard in the news last week that a 250lb, 19 point-antler stag was shot dead by a poacher or trophy hunter on Exmoor. The Red Deer (Cervus elaphus,) nicknamed the Goodleigh Giant, stood nearly 9ft tall and was thought to be destined to grow into one of the largest wild animals in Britain. It took 3 bullets to the back and belly, almost certainly dying slowly and in pain. What is it that blinds some people to the natural power, beauty and wonder of such a beast? Or rather, what is it that must be possessed of that power by Killing? It cannot be doubted that the magnificence...

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Taste Place – October

  • 21 October, 2011

I'm not sure that I can introduce this stunning sculpture as a garden bench. Peter Donders made 'bench' from a string of carbon fiber wrapped around a form later removed. It is has the ability in appearance to defy it's own strength and has the fluidity of design found pieces with no or apparently no fixings.    

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